Are you looking for ways to effectively screen candidates or standardize remote interviewing procedures? Would you like to deliver expert interview coaching inside your website or mobile application? Then the Optimalinterview™ API is for you! Our multi-purpose, multimedia interview API enables our partners to create custom applications, mobile apps, widgets, and other projects with cross-platform viewing and recording capabilities.
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How is it different?

The OptimalInterview™ API relies on OptimalResume’s proprietary database of pre-recorded interview questions and coaching to enable you to deliver high-quality interview or training experiences for your users.
Accountants Occupation Interview Type
  • Accountants Ocuppation - Tasks Sample
  • Accountants Ocuppation - Knowledge Sample
  • Accountants Ocuppation Skills Sample
  • Accountants Ocuppation - Abilities Sample
  • Accountants Ocuppation- Work Activities Sample
  • Accountants Ocuppation - Work Context Sample
  • Accountants Ocuppation - Work Styles Sample
  • Accountants Ocuppation - Work Values Sample
Use our default interview types with pre-selected interview questions and coaching responses for each occupation or build custom interviews with our comprehensive library of pre-recorded HD 1080p interview questions and coaching responses.

Easily filter available occupation-specific interview content using standard O*NET filters including keyword or O*NET-SOC code, career cluster, industry, job zone, bright outlook, green economy sector, job family, STEM discipline and more. Include hundreds of general interview questions organized by category or interview scenario:

What's next?

Customize the interview experience by recording your own custom interview questions and coaching. Give users the ability to create respond to questions in video, audio, or text format. The OptimalInterview™ API uses Adobe ® Flash ® for video recording. Recorded videos can be played in any browser that supports HTML5, including mobile devices.

How can I get started?

Getting started with the OptimalInterview™ API is easy. Create a free developer account to begin your trial and start making calls form our secure developer sandbox. To unlock the full potential of the OptimalInterview™API, contact us to become an OptimalResume Technology Partner today.