Why OptimalResume?
More than 700 organizations have used OptimalResume’s Career and Talent Suite to teach job readiness skills, deliver high quality career services, and improve results.

Highlighted Customers

Teach job readiness skills

Meet today’s career education imperative. Help you users learn key self-promotion skills including resume writing, interviewing, portfolio creation and more.

Elevate professional development services

Have higher-level career interactions with all of the basics already covered.

Groom and present candidates

Our suite of tools can help you pre-screen, present, and prepare candidates more quickly.

Evolve your platform

Augment your talent management or enterprise platform with our proprietary datasets and white-labeled, ready API components.

Save time and resources

We help resources-challenged organizations thrive in an extremely competitive marketplace. Our applications save man-hours, reduce travel expenses, and improve ROI.

Scale to meet demand

Extend your reach and serve more customers with our fully hosted, high availability online applications.

Grow your brand

Deliver a powerful brand experience through our fully branded career applications or white-labeled components.

Increase customer satisfaction

Turn stressed customers into raving fans with our just-in-time applications that can make a real impact.

Multi-platform technology

Engage and connect across multiple platforms with our flexible career apps and apis.

Maintain compliance

We strive to provide the highest level of data security to support full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Refine your pipeline

Our industry-leading video interviewing and candidate screening tools can help you reduce cost per hire and accelerate time to hire.

Achieve strategic goals

Improve business results with our flexible technology menu and deployment options.

I absolutely love how easy and efficient this program is, and how it is professionally organized. To have access to this service for free is amazing! Thank you so much for creating a partnership with this company. It truly is very beneficial!

- University of Washington Student, Department of Political Science

Your organization has been a delight to work with. Not only have you been accommodating, but very flexible to the needs of our university, as well. Optimal Resume is a great, user-friendly tool for our students, allowing them to learn about the important components of a résumé while creating one of their own.

- Brian Partie, Central Michigan University

We were just ‘previewing" a different mock interview module and hands down- Optimal is still the Mock Interview module of choice for the value! So thanks for a good product!

- Josephine Smith, Director Career Services, Pittsburgh Technical Institute